Best Swimming Pool | Joplin MO

Offering Swim Lessons, Birthday & Pool Parties

Twin Hills privides the perfect setting to enjoy a hot, lazy summer day at our spacious and well maintained pool. Lifeguards give two sessions of swimming lessons per season, as well as private lessons.

Available for private parties, weddings, birthday parties, movie nights, & for members to bring guests for a small guest fee, it’s open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

Summer holidays are always a celebration in the Twin Hills Pool, which offers numerous special events & fun for the entire family!

Guest fee punch cards can be purchased from the office by calling (417) 623-4112. 10 guest punches for $70. 

Amenities Include

  • Snack Shack
  • Poolside Seating
  • Wading Pool for Young Children
  • Cabana

Twin Hills Pool Rules

  • Guest Fee: $10.00 per guest | $70.00 for 10 guests
  • No Guest Fee for grandchildren age 12 or under who are accompanied by a Grandparent.
  • All Members & their guests must sign in.
  • Guests must accompany members, unless prior approval is granted by the Board or Manager.
  • Obey lifeguards at all times.
  • Children under 10 years may not be left without proper supervision.
  • One person at a time on the diving board and one bounce on the diving board.
  • No running, pushing, shoving, or horseplay in or around the pool.
  • No outside food or drink.
  • No foul language, no spitting, no dunking and no fighting.
  • Squirt guns are NOT allowed.
  • No standing on shoulders of someone while in the pool.
  • No back or front flips off the side of the pool.
  • Floatation devices are allowed and are to be used as such. (Not to be used as weapons, etc.)
  • Age limits for baby pools are as follows: Wading pool under 5, Kiddie pool under 7.
  • Adult supervision and presence required in both baby pools.
  • Children being dropped off must be signed in, along with the name and phone number of where the parent can be reached in an emergency.
  • Adult swim will be at 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. (if needed), for 10 minutes. When the whistle is blown, children under the age of 18 must get out of the main pool and rest for 10 minutes.
  • No breakable items such as bottles, drinking glasses, etc. allowed at the pool.
  • Small children are required to wear a swim diaper or similar swim pant; protective covering to prevent mishaps that cause immediate closing of the pool for cleaning.
  • The lifeguards will have full authority to enforce the rules. This includes the right to request that any member, child or guest violating the rules leave the pool area.
  • Members & guests are requested to refrain from engaging lifeguards in unnecessary conversation while they are on duty.
  • All Members and guests swim at their own risk.

If the above rules are not adhered to by an individual, disciplinary measures will be taken.
*First offense – a warning
*Second offense – 5 minutes out of the pool
*Third offense – 10 minutes out of the pool
*Fourth offense – Swimmer must leave the pool area the rest of the day and parent notified.