Dear Twin Hills Neighbors,Joplin Greenhouse

As you all know, fall is a festive time of year at Twin Hills. We kick the season off with the annual Harvest Moon Couples Tournament September 28th and 29th. This tournament has taken place for 30 years. Every year, there are decorated stations set up around the course with hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks and mums that make the course look beautiful. We typically have a lot of out of town guests, as well as our members that make up 96 teams or a total of 192 players at this event.

This year the committee has decided to add something new to the fall festivities for the Twin Hills community and this event. We have decided to have a Fall Homeowners Decorating Contest for those that want to participate. *You are not required to participate.

The winner will be announced Saturday September 29th at our tournament dinner after all votes are in. If you are not playing in tournament, no worries. We will make sure everyone at Twin Hills knows who the winner is. You will not only have bragging rights for a year, but there will be a very good 1st place prize to go with it.

Joplin Greenhouse has been delivering to Twin Hills for a number of years all of our decorations for the course. They have always had quality products. The mums have been beautiful year after year. They also deliver to Twin Hills all of our hay bales, pumpkins, etc.

The Harvest Moon Committee has made a deal with Joplin Green House that if you decide to order your decorating supplies from them by September 18, they will deliver everything to your house on September 20th. So if you decide to participate, this gives you til September 24th before the voting starts. You are not obligated to use Joplin Greenhouse, but it’s a great deal to have free delivery.

For more information, please contact the Pro Shop at (417) 624-1611. Thanks!