Are you looking for a venue to host your upcoming banquet? It’s important to ask yourself these five questions so that it will hopefully help you narrow down your venue options. Twin Hills offers members, as well as non-members, the opportunity to host meetings or banquets ranging from intimate gatherings to parties or receptions. We would love to host your next event!

Is The Venue Within Your Budget?

Find out how much the venue will cost, but also, what is included in that price. Does it include tables/chairs, linens, parking, decorations, food, staff, or a liquor license? Get as many details as possible to help you plan – and avoid surprises. You will want to also ask about their catering options. 

You can learn more about Twin Hills catering options here.

How Many People Can The Venue Hold?

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to know. If you have an estimate on the number of guests, you should know right away whether the answer is a deal-breaker. However, some kinds of events also require more space than others, so keep in mind how the space will fit people comfortably for your specific type of event. Conversely, for smaller gatherings, find out if more intimate spaces are available.

Our venue here at Twin Hills can accommodate up to 340 people.

Is The Venue Available When You Need It?

A day/time for the event might already be set in stone. But in case it isn’t, go venue-searching with a few different dates and time options as possibilities. That should help limit the number of venues that will be eliminated from the list just because of availability. To find out the availability at Twin Hills, you can call us at (417) 623-4112. 

What Is The Style Of The Venue?

Take a look around at the décor, & what the venue offers for decorating. Try to picture what the space will look like while keeping with the theme of the event. If the ambiance doesn’t seem quite right, a lot of decorating may need to be done to make up for it.

Do They Have A Cancellation Policy?

This might not be at the top of your priority list, but it’s worth knowing – just in case the party needs to get moved or canceled. Pay attention to refund policies or any damage charges, as well.

Contact Twin Hills Golf & Country Club 

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