Have you ever asked yourself “should I join a country club” in Joplin? Looking for a bit more information on the pros and cons of becoming a member? Worried about whether you’ll be able to afford the fees? We have considered every angle: money, amenities, tee times, dining options, member services, etc., and are confident that our findings will be the perfect resource for anyone unsure about whether they should join a country club.



Twin Hills Golf & Country Club wants to remind any potential country club members to ask themselves if they will “be happy playing this golf course every day.” Additionally, ask yourself if you will “be proud to take friends, family members, and business associates” to this course. Finally, consider whether the course is well-maintained, and finally, is the course a place where you would want to bring your spouse and children to play.


If you want a good read on the ‘vibe’ of a golf club, talk to the staff. The way they speak to members and guests is a fairly good indication of the overall vibe of the members: making sure your personality matches that of the club may be one of the most important decisions, and it often begins with the tone of the staff.


Twin Hills Golf & Country Club offers a variety of dining options for members and their guests. From formal dining to casual club fare, Twin Hills has something to tempt every palette.

The Main Dining offers a sophisticated, elegant atmosphere for dining on Thursday and Friday evenings. Casual golf and tennis attire is accepted.

Enjoy a gorgeous view of the golf course while dining in the 19th Hole, which offers completely casual service Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is available Saturday and Sunday.


Consider whether the club is family-friendly. Not all of us need our golf club to be family-friendly (read: kid-friendly), but that alone is a wonderful filter. If you’ve reached a point in your life at which kids are better seen than heard, then you know that you will probably not be happy playing behind a foursome of kids, or parents with their children. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to introduce your children to golf, or help them grow their love of the game of golf, you’ll want to be sure the golf club you join welcomes them.


The final feature to consider when selecting a country club is the club’s members. Most golf clubs have a feel or vibe that you can sense when you’re around members. Ensuring that the members are people that you would enjoy being around is essential to enjoying the country club life.

Whether you want to relax & lounge by the pool, play a round of golf, or have dinner with friends, we provide it all! From our beautiful & challenging 18-hole championship golf course to our first-class facility, Twin Hills prides itself on making you & your family feel like you are on vacation year-round.

With an exclusive membership, you are guaranteed an extraordinary Twin Hills experience through our facilities as well as our service. We offer membership options to fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle!

We’d love to hear from you. If you may have any questions about Twin Hills Golf & Country Club, our membership options, to schedule a tour, event venue spaces, or the like – please contact our Joplin golf and country club today!